Dear User,
the legislation on privacy, whose respect is particularly dear to us, requires us to provide you the following information on the processing of your personal data.
The "processing of personal data" is any operation concerning any "information relating to a natural person, identified or identifiable".
For example, a person's email address is considered "personal data" and the act of collecting and registering it with us is considered "treatment", and also is the communication to other subjects and cancellation.
Our organization is called "data controller" because we determine how and for which purposes information is processed relating to natural persons.
You, as a natural person to whom the personal data refer, are defined as "interested", and you have the right to receive the following information on who we are, why, how and for how long we deal with the data, and what obligations and rights you have about it.
In the event that you limit yourself to browse our website without buying anything, we will not collect information that can identify you (and therefore we will not process personal data, but only "navigation*”).

*“Navigation Data": data that the site operating IT systems and software procedures acquire during their normal operation, which are implicitly transmitted in the use of Internet communication protocols. This information is not collected to be associated to identified parties, but its very nature could allow the identification of users by processing and associating data held by third parties. This data includes IP addresses or domain names of users’ computers connected to the site, URI addresses (Uniform Resource Identifier) of the requested resources, time of the request, method used to submit the request to the server, size of the response file, numeric code indicating the status of the server response (successful, error, etc.) and other parameters relating to the operating system and the user's IT environment. This data is used only to obtain anonymous statistical information on the use of the website and to check its correct functioning and are immediately deleted after processing.

Who are we?

Labo-System s.a.s., with registered office in Via Perroncito 1, 10146 Torino (ITALY), VAT number IT05622400017 ("Data processing holder").

Why do we process personal data (purposes)?


  • Answer your questions about our activity;
  • Serve you at our best;
  • Send you information about our business (e.g. through newsletters);
  • Fulfil our legal obligations (e.g. administrative and accounting duties) and/or comply with orders from public authorities;
  • Ascertain, exercise and / or defend a right in qualified offices.

What is the treatment based on (from the legal point of view)?

At least one of the following:

  • - It’s necessary to serve you at our best;
  • - The duty to fulfil our legal obligations;
  • - Our legitimate interest (e.g. to send you information about our business, if you are already our customer);
  • - Your freely given consent which can be cancelled any moment (for information on our business, if you are not our customer already).

To whom do we communicate the data (categories of recipients)?

  • Suppliers of services which are necessary to do our job (e.g. IT, banking, insurance, shipping and transportation, etc.);
  • Subjects authorized by us (e.g. our workers);
    We do not disclose any data.

For how long do we keep the data?

Unless the law requires (or allows) not to delete the data, we act as follows:

  • - If you communicate your data so that we can serve you, the maximum storage time is 10 years from the end of our performance;
  • - If you communicate your data only to be informed about our activities, we delete it within 24 months.

Are you obligated to provide personal data?

To perform our services for you, we need your data for the purposes of the contract.
If you just want to be informed about our activities, you are not obligated.

What happens if you refuse to communicate us your data?

The consequence is at least one of the following:

  • We will not be able to perform our services for you;
  • We will not be able to inform you about our business.

What rights do you have?

You have the right to:

  • Access your data in our possession;
  • Request its correction and / or cancellation, if the conditions exist;
  • Request the limitation of treatment, if the conditions are met;
  • Object to the processing, if the conditions exist;
  • Withdraw consent for treatment for commercial purposes;
  • Request data portability, where technically possible;
  • Submit a complaint to the Guarantor for the Protection of Personal Data (in Italy, ), or to the Guarantor Authority of the EU State in which you habitually reside or work, or in the place where the alleged violation occurred.

What can you do if you have doubts or questions about the processing of your data?

You can contact us at the following address:
e-mail or phone: (+39) 011/7792244.

This information act has been in force since June 2018; we reserve the right to modify its content, partially or totally, also due to changes in the privacy legislation; we will publish the updated version, which will be binding from that moment. You are therefore invited to visit this section regularly.


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This document supplies detailed information on the use of the cookies and similar technologies, on how they are used on the site and how to manage them.
You can configure your browser so as to be informed to receive or refuse cookies. Acceptance of cookies by the browser can be disabled by modification of the above settings.
Generally, our use of cookies does not require treatment of personal data, because we apply technical solutions that do not enable your identification.
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1. Definition

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2. Types of cookies

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3. Types of cookies used

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4. Duration

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5. Management

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5.2. The contents can be used, also completely disabling the cookies, except for those which are “session” if the User wants to validate the reserved area (where present), and disabling the “third party” cookies does not in any way jeopardise navigability of the Site.

5.3. The setting can be defined in a specific manner for the different web sites and applications. Furthermore, with the best browsers different settings can be defined for the different types of cookies

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