Your contract is concluded with Labo-System s.a.s., Via Edoardo Perroncito 1, 10146 Turin (ITALY), Tel.: +39 011 7792244, Telefax: +39 011 711860, Email:, Registration District Court (REA) TO-723089, VAT ID number: IT05622400017.

1. Scope of the General Terms and Conditions of Sale

The following General Terms and Conditions of Sale apply to all our contracts and orders in the relevant version that is valid at the time when contracts are concluded.
The General Terms and Conditions of Business of the purchaser are herewith overridden, and do not form part of the contractual content.

2. Conclusion of contracts

Your contract becomes effective upon our acceptance of your order.
We confirm the receipt of electronic orders as soon as possible, in some cases the response time may be longer depending on the manufacturer's reply.

3. Withdrawal policy

The right of withdrawal shall be excluded for orders placed by the buyer for the purpose of his own commercial or independent professional activity.

Withdrawal rights

The purchasing party is entitled to cancel this contract without stating any reasons if it has not received yet the confirmation of the order or if Labo-System s.a.s. has not already shipped the items.
In order to exercise the right of withdrawal, the purchasing party is obliged to notify the trader (Labo-System s.a.s. Via Edoardo Perroncito 1, 10146 Turin (ITALY), Tel.: +39 011 7792244, Telefax: +39 011 711860, Email: accordingly by means of express request (e.g. by mail, fax, or e-mail) to withdraw from this contract. To observe the withdrawal period, it shall be considered sufficient for the purchasing party to send off the notification before receiving the order confirmation or the shipment date (e.g. the mail, fax or e-mail of the withdraw must be before the date of the order confirmation or of the shipment).

Consequences of withdrawal

If the purchasing party cancels this contract, Labo-System s.a.s. shall reimburse all payments received excluding shipping costs, special packaging (if applied), and every additional costs incurred if the purchasing party has selected a delivery procedure other than the standard, after having received the notification of withdrawal of this contract.

4. Goods availability and delivery time

Delivery is concluded when the products are delivered to the courier! Labo-System s.a.s. is not in any way responsible for any delay and/or damage suffered by the products during transport!
The expected delivery date is the one indicated in the order confirmation, however this date is not mandatory and may change for reasons that do not depend on Labo-System s.a.s. (for example, manufacturer's delivery delays, courier delays, strikes, natural and / or socio-political events, etc ...).
Labo-System s.a.s. takes no responsibility and does not accept any request for refunds for any problems that may arise for the customer due to delays in delivery!
If the item ordered is not available in stock, the average supply time is approximately 2 weeks, or an equivalent item can be offered and delivered to the customer. Partial deliveries are permissible to a reasonable extent.

5. Transport and packaging

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the products remain the property of Labo-System s.a.s. until the moment of taking charge by the courier and from that moment, they travel at the customer's risk. Any insurance of the products during transport is the responsibility of the customer. The customer is responsible for the customs clearance of the products and for any operation related to it as well as the payment of customs duties and taxes.
Labo-System prepares the packaging for shipment in the manner it deems most appropriate and is not liable in any way for any damage, tampering and shortages that may occur during transport!
In case of bulky and / or heavy shipments, Labo-system reserves the right to charge the customer, upon written communication, an amount as "special packaging".
Any complaints or disputes arising from/or connected to the transport or from any complementary or subsequent operations, must be filed by the customer against the carrier or any third party involved. Labo-System s.a.s. assumes no responsibility in case of loss and/or damage to the products caused by inaccurate transport or handling.

6. Faults and product warranty

Labo-System only guarantees that the products comply with the indications and technical specifications shown on its website, on the manufacturer's website and / or in any attachments supplied with the product (e.g. instructions for use, labels, etc.). The warranty does not cover the parts of the products subject to wear and tear and defects deriving from improper storage or use of the products, from alterations or repairs carried out by the customer. Complaints filed by the customer for non-compliance of the product supplied must be submitted in writing within 7 days from receipt of the goods, by email at the address:</>
The document must contain:
1) all the data contained in the order;
2) Supplier invoice number;
3) product shipping date (shipping note date);
4) defects found in relation to the goods purchased;
5) name and details of the reference person to contact. Labo-System reserves the right to examine the issues at its operational headquarters in Turin and respond as soon as possible, according to the Manufacturer's reply. If the complaint proposed according to the above is found to be well-founded, the Supplier will, at its discretion, within 30 days, refund the amount paid (excluding shipping costs and / or Special Packaging), or replace the product that differs with the same model or one of equal value. The right of Labo-System to return the disputed supply is reserved. In the event that the complaints prove to be unfounded, we can charge the cost of the inspection to the customer. Complaints and disputes however do not give the customer the right to delay or suspend payments.

7. Prices

The price to which the parties refer, for the purposes of these general conditions, is the one indicated in the order confirmation sent by Labo-System to the customer, including the transport price and any special packaging. Catalogs, price lists or other promotional material are only an indication of the type of products and the price and the information, including technical information, indicated therein is not binding on us and can be changed without prior notice.
For customized products and/or products put into production upon specific request and order from the Customer, reference must be made to the TERMS OF SALE, which will be delivered to the Customer as soon as he sends to Labo-System a request for a quote at

8. Payment

The prices shown are in EURO (€) excluding statutory VAT (if applicable), transport, special packaging and any customs fees (which remain the responsibility of the customer). Payment must be made according to the terms and the methods indicated in the order confirmation: secure online payment by Credit Card or Paypal account or other forms of payment previously agreed between Labo-System s.a.s. and the customer. The payment is considered valid if made in Euro (€) directly to the supplier as indicated in the order form and accepted by Labo-System. Any payment made differently from the one agreed, will not be considered valid by Labo-System. Any delay in payment will result in the payment of interest on arrears pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 9 October 2002 n. 231

9. Confidentiality obligations

Information, logos, graphic elements, images, trademarks and anything else published and/or reproduced on this site are owned by (or granted by third parties in use to) LABO-SYSTEM S.A.S. Reproduction of the site content is permitted with the written authorization of LABO-SYSTEM S.A.S. It is forbidden to modify, reproduce, distribute, send or disseminate the content of this site without authorization. LABO-SYSTEM S.A.S. will not guarantee the constant updating of the information contained on this site nor will it be held responsible for any damage, including computer virus infections, that visitors' equipment may suffer due to access and/or interconnection with this site or downloading of its content. The confidential data are intended to include information relating to Labo-System’s plants, production means and other company assets, as well as the models and organization of production and the services rendered by us, commercial initiatives, customers, management and the performance of our company, relations with third parties and so on. The customer agrees and takes all reasonable precautions to keep this information secret.

10. Place of jurisdiction

Our registered place of business (Turin) is the place of jurisdiction for commercial dealers, legal persons and public-law entities.

11. Choice of law

The law of the Republic of Italy applies; the validity of United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods is excluded.

12. Data protection information

Personal data comprises information relating to your identity: name, address, postal address, delivery address, telephone number and e-mail address. We only store your personal data and the data relating to ordered goods to the extent required for the administration and processing of your order. We do not forward your personal data to third parties. With your visit to our website, information about the access (date, time, pages viewed, shopping basket contents) may be stored on our server. These data do not include part of personal data and are anonymous. We analyse them exclusively for statistical purposes. Cookies are used on some pages. Most browsers are configured to automatically accept cookies. You may nevertheless deactivate the storage of cookies, or configure your browser to notify you immediately when cookies are sent. You are entitled to free information about your stored data, as well as, if required, the right to amendment, blocking or deletion of these data. In the event of queries regarding the recording, processing or utilization of your personal data, and for information about, and the correction, blocking or deletion of data, please contact: Labo-System s.a.s., Via Perroncito 1 – 10146 Torino (ITALY).

13. Use of the website

Labo-System s.a.s. reserves the right to modify the contents of its website and legal notices at any time and without notice.
Access to the site and the data it contains are subject to the following legal notices. The hypertext links on this site can direct the search for visitors to web pages on sites other than this. In this case, LABO-SYSTEM S.A.S. takes no responsibility in relation both to the content of what is published on these sites and to the use that third parties can make of it, and as regards any damage caused by or originated when accessing these sites, of the interconnection with the same or downloading their content. Any personal information sent to LABO-SYSTEM S.A.S. di A. GALLOCCHIO & C. will be treated in accordance with the privacy laws; LABO-SYSTEM S.A.S. is the owner of the processing of personal data communicated to it by visitors of this site. Any non-personal information communicated to LABO-SYSTEM S.A.S. through this site (including suggestions, ideas, drawings, projects, etc ..) will attribute to the latter the exclusive, unlimited and irrevocable right to use, reproduce, show, perform, modify, transmit and distribute said non-personal information.


pursuant to and for the purposes of art. 1341 of the Italian Civil Code, the buyer declares to have carefully read and expressly approves the following clauses of the conditions of sale: art. 2 conclusion of the contract; art. 3 delivery; art. 4 terms; art. 5 transport and packaging; art. 6 defects and product warranty; art. 7 price; art. 8 payment; art. 9 confidentiality obligations.